March 8, 2021

Back to our regularly scheduled Random Stories. This week, a short, dumb joke for my own amusement. I Swim Alone I swam out of the castle in search of breakfast, but stopped dead at the grim sight above me. Goldie was dead. There was no doubt about it. There he was floating, belly up toward…

Seraph cover
March 5, 2021

Life happens, and I need to push the release of Seraph back one week. Kindle and print copies will now be released on March 16, 2021. Those of you who pre-ordered from Amazon should get an email notice from them some time today. Thanks for your pre-orders and your patience.

March 3, 2021

In less than one week, Seraph will be released on the world. My thanks to all of you who’ve already pre-ordered the Kindle edition. I am beyond grateful for your support. Starting March 9th, the book will be available for immediate order at Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions. Within the next few weeks, the…

February 22, 2021

“It’s my shadow, you see?” The Seamstress took a long look at Jasper, and then at the troubling shadow behind him, vaguely Jasper-shaped and decidedly not cast by any visible light source. Indeed, the early sun still hung in the east, and Jasper’s shadow was pointing toward it. “It doesn’t matter which way I turn,…

February 13, 2021

Ad Planeta Apes Comet 1169-Aristaeus was still sixty years out from its 226-year return when it set off the alarm at Arroway station. It was a very particular frequency, one that hadn’t been heard on Earth for over a hundred and fifty years. Underneath EnviroDome 34/118 (formerly known as Pasadena), the techno-wizards began their preparations….

Seraph cover
February 12, 2021

Less than a month until I release the Seraph upon the world. Today, I’m excited to share the cover. Several months ago, I commissioned Actual Magick – an artist whose aesthetic fits right in with the urban fantasy style – for some original artwork that would capture the tone of the book. She delivered beyond…