Thank You! (and some updates)

Hi, friends!

My thanks to all of you who bought the book the first two weeks of release. It’s really gratifying to see the interest, and I love the positive reviews so far!

If you’re still thinking about buying a physical copy, let me direct your attention to (link goes to my affiliate page there), where the paperback is now available. A portion of your purchases at Bookshop will go to help support your local, independent bookshop (or any one of your choosing). While I get a smaller royalty from these sales, I’m much more interested in helping support so many great book stores out there. And, hey, if you’ve already bought the paperback on Amazon, consider checking Bookshop out for future purchases.

Thanks, once again, to everyone who’s bought and read Seraph already. If you loved it (oh, heck, even if you didn’t), please take a moment to put up a review on Amazon and Goodreads. And tell your friends!

Happy Reading!

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