The Author Pokes His Head Out of the Bunker for Fresh Air and Some Updates

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted … well, anything up on this here site. I spent June and a good hunk of July taking a very long and satisfying nap. Since then, I’ve been spending my writing time on the sequel to SERAPH.

The working title is TRAGODOI, which is (I know) a mouthful. It’s a Greek word meaning “goat singers” and is an etymological cousin to the English word “tragedy.” Here’s a picture of some of my background reading as I’ve plotted this one out:

A little light reading while I write.

So we’re dealing in classical mythology this time out? Of a sort.

And there’ll be some Greek tragedy thrown in there, too? Maybe.

But before you worry things are getting too heady and highbrow over here in the word mines, let me assure you that nobody over here takes anything too seriously.

Like SERAPH, this is another story seed that’s been occupying head space for the better part of twenty years. It wasn’t supposed to be a story for Ray and the gang, but they sort of moved in and occupied the space while I was writing the first book.

Unlike SERAPH, I’m not going to spend the next five years waiting for the muse to tell me what happens next. I decided this time out that I’d actually [gasp!] outline the story – map out the plot milestones, scribe out the relationship arcs, seed the clues and the red herrings. It’s an entirely new practice for me, but heck if it hasn’t made the sitting down and writing easier. Plus, it turns one of my office walls into an interesting art project.

As you can see, there’s a whole hunk of novel cut up into little rearrangeable pieces. Or I’ve been in this pandemic too long and I’m now one ball of red yarn short of proving Abe Vigoda was D B Cooper.

Either way, I’m finally giving the muse a break and just writing. Right now, I’m on pace to finish the first draft before the year is done. I can’t wait to share it with you all.


  • I want to give my heartfelt thanks to those of you who’ve taken time to rate and/or review SERAPH on Amazon and Goodreads. If you’ve read and enjoyed the book and haven’t done so, would you please take a moment to do so? Especially on Amazon, every star rating and written review works the algorithms to bring the book to more people’s attention.
  • the Kindle edition of SERAPH is now available through the Kindle Unlimited program. KU subscribers can start reading whenever they’d like as part of their monthly plan.
  • Unfortunately, this means the ebook of SERAPH is no longer available on platforms outside of Kindle. Amazon requires exclusivity to access Kindle Unlimited, and since most of my ebook sales go through Amazon (and my customer experience with IngramSpark, who was handling my other ebook formats, was less than stellar), it was an easy choice to make.
  • The paperback, however, is still available from many online retailers. Have you tried

I’m heading back into the bunker. See you all soon-ish with a brand new Seraph story.

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