Book Review: The Ghost Dance Judgement

I really enjoyed R.S. Belcher’s last outing (2017’s Queen of Swords), but with it’s focus on one character outside of Belcher’s main setting of Golgotha, Nevada, I found myself missing the rest of the cast. Ghost Dance Judgement brings us back into the main story, and there’s *a lot* going on. It dragged a bit at the opening due to all the story threads that needed setting up – and *everybody* gets a plot thread to shine in, which I really enjoyed once things got rolling. This one turns the story world upside down, with lots of big changes by the end – some welcome and some … not so much (and one so unwelcomely trope-tacular that I had to bite my tongue a bit while I forged ahead). There’s at least two more books in the works, and this one definitely left me ready to read what happens next, if only to see where Belcher takes the final WTF moments of the last two chapters. Some call this genre “Weird West” for a reason.

On a technical note, the move to a smaller publisher seems to have brought about some sloppier copy editing. Many instances of missing words or misspelled ones. Distracting, but not ultimately detrimental.

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